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In Memoriam: The Honorable Carole Brookins

The Hon. Carole Brookins, TFA Founder & Chairman

On March 23, 2020, that candle of enlightenment and alliance moved to a different place and all appeared dark. Carole passed away – a victim of the pandemic virus that overwhelmed her body but never her spirit – even to the very end. Carole’s spirit remains with all of us that were blessed to know her personally, professionally and publicly and so that candle now has done what each of us has the power to do and that is to pass along the potential of being a light to others.

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To honor the past & prepare the future

The First Alliance Foundation (TFA) serves to honor and enhance the French-American strategic alliance. We support commemorations that honor our historic military alliance, and we advance programs that strengthen bilateral confidence building and thought leadership.

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First Alliance Foundation Reception
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First Alliance Foundation Reception

“The French American strategic alliance has been called ‘uneasy’ or ‘difficult.’ As with all alliances, those words are probably very accurate. But throughout America’s history, from the alliance that won our American war for independence, the French American military alliance has never been broken. Our alliance has endured and is more relevant than ever in today’s world.”

The Hon. Carole Brookins, TFA Founder & Emeritus Chairman (In Memoriam)

The Hon. Carole Brookins, TFA Founder & Chairman

The First Alliance Foundation’s purposes are both



NOBLE because we will honor the memory of our two countries’ soldiers, fighting side by side as strong and confident allies since the American Revolution through the two world wars and into the 21st century.”

VISIONARY because our main purpose is to enhance our strategic alliance by connecting through bilateral programs future selected military decision makers of our two nations.”

Lt Gen (Ret France) Olivier Tramond
Co-Chairman, TFA Board of Directors